The Importance of Detoxification

Today we are all exposed to hundreds of chemicals used in agriculture and manufacturing. They are in the air, in our food and in the water. Materials used in home construction, fabrics and furnishings often contain toxic chemicals. Many household cleaners also contain damaging chemicals. Cosmetics, personal care items, over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and even much of the food we eat contain significant toxic chemicals. They are in the form of pesticides, coloring agents and chemicals used in processing.

In Albuquerque it was recently found to have toxic levels of contaminants in the well water.

Even if we try to avoid buying toxic products, we are all exposed to the fumes created by gasoline burning cars and trucks.

All in all, we live in a sea of toxic chemicals and these have a profound negative effect on the normal physiological processes of our bodies. All of these are strongly involved with autoimmune disease.

Adding to the toxic burden, many people do not properly eliminate body wastes nor drink enough pure water to cleanse the tissues and cells. Did you know you should have a bowel movement every time you eat? The liver and kidneys work very hard to remove the many toxins we ingest or inhale. The intake of toxins coupled with poor elimination can create havoc with our health by disrupting many important metabolic processes and causing damage to the genes.

Toxins are very much related to autoimmune disease. Heavy metals and especially mercury, nickel and aluminum, are associated with autoimmune disease. Mercury dental fillings (amalgams) are a major source of mercury contamination in the body.

Many other health problems are also affected by general body toxicity. For example, up to one third of all type two diabetes cases may be due to cellular toxicity. Chronic pain may also be related to toxicity, and pain will often subside or go away after the body is cleared of heavy metals and toxins.

While we can’t totally avoid all the chemicals in our environment, there is much we can do to prevent the toxins from settling in and causing damage to our bodies. At the Functional Medicine Center of Albuquerque we teach you how to do this as a routine part of your care program. We also offer state of the art detoxification programs to help you rid your body of toxins—down to the cellular level, enhancing all of the functions of the body.