Our Approach to Your Health Problem—The Eight Pillars of Health

With over 30,000 named diseases, and the list growing yearly, it has become apparent that the real answer to correcting these disease processes lies with restoring those key functions of our bodies that give rise to health and when accomplished, will correct those abnormal processes which cause disease.

These vital body functions can be divided into eight systems, or "Pillars of Health." Rather than focusing treatment on individual symptoms or diseases, Dr. Johnson focuses on restoring these eight functional Pillars to their maximum physiological expression. When this is done, in the correct order, the "symptoms", which are only expressions of function gone wrong, leave and do not return. We have found that the body is capable of correcting practically all of the mis-alignments from healthy function that humans experience.

During the course of your care Dr. Johnson will work with you to balance and repair these Eight Pillars, while also addressing the specific complaint(s) that may have compelled you to seek care. Most people vastly underestimate the body's ability to successfully achieve change and improvement because they have only tried to fight symptoms and disease, while ignoring the underlying functions that allowed the disease to develop in the first place.

The Eight Pillars of Health:

1. Hormonal Function and Balance

This includes the function of the thyroid, adrenal glands, reproductive glands, pituitary gland and other hormonal related brain areas. It also includes the function of sex hormones including progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Your hormones are half of the internal communication system of your body. Faulty hormonal activity leads to a wide range of health issues.

2. Digestive Function and Detoxification

Digestion is foundational to all healthy body activity. If the digestive system is faulty, nothing else in the body will work properly. Nutrient absorption, waste disposal, immune function and the manufacture of critical chemicals such as neurotransmitters all take place in your digestive system.

3. Inflammation Control

Uncontrolled systemic inflammation is a major contributor to chronic disease, including heart disease, thyroid disease and diabetes as well as many other health problems. The process of methylation is critical to inflammation control as well as in controlling genetic expression and is often inadequate or compromised in many people.

4. Blood Sugar Regulation

The ability of the body to properly control blood sugar and regulate insulin and cortisol levels is essential to good health and longevity. Many health problems, including emotional problems, are a direct result of faulty blood sugar regulation.

5. Neurological Control and Regulation

The brain and nerves act as the primary communication system of the entire body. Dysfunction of the nervous system can affect almost any body activity and disrupt any physiological activity.

6. Acid / Alkaline Balance

This has to do with the body's ability to neutralize excess body acid that builds up in normal life and may lead to increased inflammation, irritability, emotional intensity and susceptibility to disease.

7. Immune Function

Incomplete or faulty immune process activity may cause a person to become susceptible to many disease problems. Autoimmune diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. Health problems from allergies to cancer are greatly influenced by immune function.

8. Circulatory Function

This pillar includes tissue oxygenation and respiratory health. Scientific understanding has expanded to see that loss of circulation can cause tissue weakness and even death (necrosis) resulting in the onset of a complexity of diseases.

For many, health and disease are mysteries that make them uneasy about the stability of life. If we are healthy, it is because we have employed the laws that produce healthy function, which includes each of the above eight pillars. If disease occurs, it is always because one or more of the above Eight Pillars of Health have been compromised.