Yes, Type 2 Diabetes can reversed in up to 90% of cases and Insulin Resistance can be reversed 100% of the time. While Type One Diabetes is often not reversible, we can improve it significantly and help reduce the incidence of the negative aspects of this illness.

Diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease, blindness, kidney disease and non-traumatic amputations, affecting almost 350 million people worldwide.

We include the treatment of diabetes in our list of things we help, because the alternative treatment for diabetes is very similar to the treatment of autoimmune diseases. In fact, recent research is beginning to point to both Type One and Type Two Diabetes being autoimmune problems.

Most people recognize that diet and exercise are important factors in a diabetes treatment program, but they may not know that toxins are often also a major contributor.

If you have diabetes, has your doctor ever mentioned this to you or initiated a treatment program to deal with toxins? Has anyone discussed how to avoid and remove toxins that could cause diabetes in you or a family member? Most likely not, because the health community is just beginning to recognize the role toxins play in Type Two Diabetes, though environmental toxins have been known to be a factor in Type One Diabetes for some time.

We absorb harmful chemicals from the air, water, food, clothing and various manufactured products such as plastics through our lungs, digestive tract and skin. These can be a major contributor to Type 2 diabetes—especially in children.

At the Functional Medicine Center of Albuquerque we provide proven non-drug treatments for both Type Two Diabetes and Type One Diabetes. Using nutritional and herbal medicines along with dietary and lifestyle changes, we can foster physiological changes that will allow the body to normalize blood sugar—without the use of insulin, Metformin, Avandia or other diabetic drugs. All of which have significant negative side affects.

We approach diabetes the same way we do all health problems. We do not try to treat the disease, but rather treat the physiological disruptions that have allowed the disease to come about. We focus on helping the body function as it should, so that it can overcome many health problems, including Type 2 diabetes.