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We are delighted you have dropped in to visit our website. We have provided information to help you decide if Functional Medicine or Chiropractic is something that might help you with health challenges you or your loved ones are experiencing.

With Functional Medicine, we focus on restoring the proper function of the body’s eight major systems. We do not treat symptoms or the “disease”. When the body’s normal functions are restored, the “disease” or symptoms can correct themselves. This approach allows us to work with almost any health problem.

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What is Functional Medicine?

In order for you to become ill, one or more of your body’s eight primary systems, or functions, has to be compromised and become dysfunctional.

We believe the restoration of health is best achieved by restoring any affected system to normal function and that this is best achieved using natural therapies that are totally compatible to the body. This is why the type of health care we offer is called “functional medicine,” or more accurately “function restoration medicine.”

The functional medicine approach uses diet, whole food supplements, herbs and positive lifestyle practices. Our philosophy is simple: We believe that most, if not all, diseases are caused by inadequate nutrition, environmental toxins, stress (emotional and other forms), poor lifestyle choices and injury.

Any of these, alone or in combination, can lead to a breakdown of one or more of the body’s eight major functions, eventually causing disease. To truly prevent or correct disease, the causes have to be identified and successfully dealt with using nontoxic, bio-friendly methods and tools.

Taking this therapeutic approach allows us to successfully address a very wide range of health challenges because we focus on the cause of the illness and not on the disease or its diagnostic label. Please check on the Services tab for more details on several common health problems and topics that we deal with.

The Functional Medicine approach can be applied to almost any health challenge because it works by correcting abnormal activity in the major systems of the body. If you need additional information or have further questions we encourage to call our office at 505-888-6138 or contact us here.

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Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine refers to the practice of addressing the whole individual in assessing an unwanted condition. This is opposed to specializing in only the affected area. This helps determine any possible cause for the condition in another area of the body.

The Functional Medicine Center of Albuquerque is committed to providing the very best alternative and holistic health care, including precise laboratory testing, analysis and safe and effective natural alternative therapies.

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Chiropractic & Neurology

Chiropractic is a neurological therapy that helps to restore the functional integrity of the nervous system. Because the nervous system controls all of the body’s functions and muscles, chiropractic can have a powerful positive effect on restoring health in a wide range of health conditions as well as eliminating pain.

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Michael LivesayMichael Livesay
16:29 27 Feb 23
After 2 years of suffering brain fog, leaky gut, (lost over 30 pounds of weight lost unintentionally) and other unsavory symptoms; I found Dr. Redd. My first appointment he was able to find that I had even more problems, but a year later, all my lab work is excellent and I feel great. My histamine reaction to gluten, sugar, coffee, and late night snacking have all gone away, as well as my leaky gut, brain fog, and the unsavory symptoms.
Joshua TrujilloJoshua Trujillo
19:23 14 Jun 22
Let me start by saying it is my pleasure to be writing this review!As like many of you I was frustrated with the status quo doctor visit. You know the one, where you go in with x, y and z symptom and rather than talking to you like a human being you are looked at as a customer. After going through the person trauma that illness brings with the doctor they sympathize with you and prescribe you a pharmaceutical pill that comes with paperwork and a list of side effects that takes up an entire pamphlet. After taking the medication your symptoms are gone but new ones start to show themselves and you return for the day transactional visit. I was so tired of never feeling better and being left with outrageous medical bills that caused me more stress and therefore more illness.After feeling fed up with the pharmaceutical treatment of function health and overall well being I started a journey to find anything that could help me feel better. Turn to today, I couldn’t be more grateful that I found Dr. Redd! I have been under his treatment for 2 months now and with his medical expertise and real human compassion I have come to be a much healthier person! Not only has Dr. Redd prescribed a treatment for me that has chemically changed my mind, body and organs but he has also shared knowledge with me that will benefit me for my entire life. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to have Dr. Redd as my functional medicine doctor! His receptionist Andrea is a delight and the office is always very calm and inviting. Every time I go in with questions or worry I leave with peace of mind and well being. Please do your self a favor and schedule a consultation with Dr. Redd so you can see the change possible in your life the way I have been able to!!!
Donna YorkDonna York
16:04 17 Aug 21
Dr. Redd is exceptional!! I have many symptoms including conditions that are Somewhat hard to diagnose. Dr Redd never gives up! I have moved out of the state & still see him via phone visits. I embrace his previous medical experience as well. Love Dr. Redd!
Maria RenteriaMaria Renteria
18:21 13 Jul 21
My health is so much better since I started seeing Dr. Redd. More energy and dizziness went away. I highly recommend him. I'm seeing him for connective tissue problems. He knows what he is doing. I'm very pleased with my treatment!
Judy Judy wallaceJudy Judy wallace
15:58 25 Nov 19
Love Dr Redd ... my sciatica flare up was gotunder control in a few short visits without any(drugs)! Yeah ! Iam back on my walks now!Dr Redd listens to you & Addresses yourproblems with care. Has awesome supplements.I am using the circulation treatments now for my overall heath. Andrea has a sweet disposition &works with you on appointments. I can now recommend him highly myself.. as a friend referred him to me..
15:14 23 May 19
Dr. Redd is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. He really took the time to understand my condition, explain what was going on and the approaches to treatment. As treatment progressed he was consistent with my care plan and needs. He is not simply a doctor, he's an excellent healer who understands the human body. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for chiropractic or wellness care.
Nina StoneNina Stone
20:08 21 Jan 19
I've been seeing Dr Redd for about 7 months now. I am incredibly happy with how well Dr Redd listens. He doesn't just treat one problem, he treat holistically. I am healing problems I didn't even know I had and feeling overall much better. Dr Redd knows what he is talking about, and if you're diligent with his treatment plans you'll notice a difference.

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The Functional Medicine Approach is Effective for Many Health Problems

People who visit our naturopathic medicine center are looking for a natural and safe holistic approach to their health concerns. Many of our patients come to us after standard medical treatments have failed to provide the relief they seek, or because they don’t want to take prescription medications for the rest of their lives.

Others seek our help wishing to avoid surgery or risky medical procedures. Listed below are some of the health problems that are helped with Functional Medicine.

And the the list goes on!

Meet Dr. Alex Johnson DC

Dr. Johnson is passionate about Functional Medicine and natural healing practices.

He invites you to please read his open letter to the Albuquerque community!

Our Approach To Your Health Restoration

Our approach to health restoration focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the the body's major functions and systems. We view symptoms as indicators of function gone wrong—not as the primary problem.

Focusing on the treatment of symptoms, without dealing with the cause of those symptoms, is like painting over the warning lights on the dashboard of a car, while ignoring what is going on under the hood. Functional Medicine is all about restoring normal body function. Fix the body's systems and the disease and symptoms will resolve themselves.​